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1 FEBRAURY 2024 - WILMINGTON:  I attended a great event! The New Hanover County Republican Women's Club candidate event at Captain Bill's on Market Street was full of great speakers, great candidates and great citizens. Approximately 15 primary candidates spoke, myself included. All the candidates stayed pretty much in the five minute window for time but it was enough to get a sense of who we all are. I commend all the candidates for stepping up and putting their hats in the ring, it is not an easy thing to do. Public speaking is nerve racking and stressful for most people, but they all did great!

For myself, I had fun and did my best to reiterate that, unlike superior court, district court deals a lot with children - child custody, child support, juvenile justice, termination of parental rights, DSS matters, are all in the purview of district court and all are a focus of my 15 years in practice. Why folks elect a judge, whose only experience is as an Assistant District Attorney doing traffic tickets and DUIs, to district court never made sense to me. A District Court Judge should have family law experience and civil litigation experience and, in my opinion, one child custody case trumps 1000 traffic ticket cases on the experience scale. Luckily for me, I do not have a primary and will only be on November's ballot.

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