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Richard Forrest Kern is running for District Court Judge. He is committed to Justice and the rule of law. With more than a decade of legal experience, Richard looks forward to serving New Hanover and Pender county as your District Court Judge.


Richard believes: in a conservative judicial philosophy that protects individual freedoms, the right to self-defense, private property, parental rights, and the separation of powers.
Richard believes: in originalism and a textualism. Richard believes the Constitution means what it says.  
Richard believes: in the separation of powers, judicial restraint and the independence of the judiciary.
Richard believes: every individual who appears before him should be afforded respect until disrespectful and that innocent until proven guilty is not just a catch phrase or a movie tag line. 
Richard believes: that judges must be unbiased, fair-minded, and follow the law as written by the legislature. 
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